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Who am I really?

Hey guys, It ‘s me Eddie here and today I want to give you guys a little backstory on how I earned this position at EarnCashTo. I was once a member just like you guys, freshly out of school with my communications degree and no job to work on it . I was broke and needed some money quickly. Real life was kicking in and my bills started piling up. My job at OfficeDepot was not making me enough money to pay off my student loans on top of my current bills such as rent, phone, and electricity.

I barely had enough for gas at the end of the week, It was depressing. I was desperate to find a way to earn money. My friend shared the link with me to EarnCashTo and from there on, my life had improved. 

How did I get here?

Of course, when I was first introduced to it I was very hesitant to believe it was real. I was just testing it out with a closed mind believing it was fraudulent. The moment I got my first check, I knew this was the REAL DEAL. I was so intrigued by the fact that I could make money right at home without even breaking a sweat, I needed more and more is what I got. So, I worked myself up into becoming the top earner in just a few months time. Spent long days and nights just putting in work to make the most of this website. 

I was constantly in contact with the support crew and simply asked if they needed help with any position. I pitched this blog idea to them and was given the job. So now I am working on my degree and proud of myself. ECT changed my life in more ways than I could ever imagine. Now imagine what it can do for yours. 

Thank You

Thank you guys for tuning in. I hope my story can motivate you all in its own way. Everyone is different;I want to be able to help everyone get to their own paths. While you’re doing so, EARNCASHTO make your life better.


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